Defending Model Drawing and Examining the Reason for Drilling

There was an opinion piece in the Straits Times last Friday entitled “Let’s Kill the Drill Approach in Schools”. While I agree with the general sentiments of the paper – that there is too much drilling in schools and that we should encourage independent thinking, I think the author downplayed the model drawing approach and … More Defending Model Drawing and Examining the Reason for Drilling

Mathematics and Art

Today, I write about how art can be incorporated into mathematics lessons. P4 Symmetry 1) Word symmetry (Idea shared by Zhiwei) The diagonals of the square piece of paper are the lines of symmetry.   2) Pop up cards (Idea shared by Zailany) Many pop up cards make use of the idea of symmetry. 3) … More Mathematics and Art

Problem Solving

I attended a conference on lesson study last week. The most thought-provoking point to me was made by a Japanese professor. He postulated that there were three levels of teaching: 1) Teaching by telling 2) Teaching by explaining 3) Teaching through problem solving. In Japan, students are presented with problems and they are left to … More Problem Solving

Learning Theories

In a module that I teach, students are introduced to learning theories that are applicable to the teaching of mathematics. These theories can be classified into the following categories: 1) Behaviorist 2) Cognitivist 3) Constructivist Behaviorism Behaviorists focus on changes in external behavior. Desired behavior is achieved through a large amount of repetitive actions, the reward of good … More Learning Theories